Curt Berger


Shankle Real Estate Inc.

261 Webster St. Monterey, CA. 93940

Serving the greater Monterey/Carmel/Central Coast area. Your next home is my priority! 


Curt Berger is a retired firefighter and currently a licensed full time real estate agent in both California and Nevada, specializing in Monterey, Carmel, Lake Tahoe and the Reno area. Curt is a real estate professional who is committed to providing his clients with local market expertise utilizing cutting edge technology, dedication, and superior service.

As a retired firefighter with a B.S. degree in management, Curt has excellent negotiating skills accompanied by a thorough and analytical approach to real estate. He understands the real estate industry has become more sophisticated and that his clients need real estate professionals who understand every aspect of the industry. Curt truly understands the local markets and positions himself out in front of market trends meeting new challenges well ahead of the curve. For sellers, Curt continually stays abreast of market movements, local property values, and sales trends so that your home is effectively priced and sold with confidence.

For buyers, Curt constantly researches all aspects of available properties with close attention to any new listings providing you a significant purchasing edge early in the process. His goal is to assure you that your next home will never be overlooked.

Licensed in both California and Nevada
Specializing in  CA/NV, Monterey, Carmel, Lake Tahoe, and the Reno market.